A certification made for management systems in the food and feed industry

With an FSSC 22000 certification, companies in the food and feed industry have the opportunity to have their food safety management system audited according to a standard that is recognized worldwide by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). The certificate demonstrates a commitment to the high quality and safety of food and animal feed.

Management system approach based on ISO 22000

Continuous optimization of high standards

Reduces risks in manufacturing processes

Increased product safety and transparency

Beschreibung Standard/Regelwerk

FSSC 22000: Product safety and quality in the food and feed industry

The FSSC 22000 standard was established by the FSSC 22000 Foundation in the Netherlands. They developed the certification with well-known food manufacturers and traders, with the goal of increasing product safety and quality in the food and feed industry.

FSSC 22000 certification is now recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). The audits focus on the management systems of companies in the food and feed industry and considers the entire value chain, from production to trading of finished products. The standard aims to continuously improve the quality and safety of food and feed products.

The FSSC 22000 standard is based on ISO 22000, the international standard for food safety management systems.
Key aspects of FSSC 22000 include:

  • Design and implementation of safe products
  • Responsible management
  • Fight against food fraud with the help of a management system
  • Regular risk analyses (vulnerability assessment)
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Is the FSSC 22000 certification suitable for my organization?

The standard considers quality and safety for the entire food and feed chain, from the production of raw materials to the sale of the finished product at retail. Accordingly, all companies that are part of the value chain can be certified.

In practice, companies from the following sectors are certified according to FSSC 22000:

  • Agricultural businesses
  • Producers of food or feed
  • Manufacturers of packaging for food and feed products
  • Companies that package food and feed products
  • Transport and logistics service providers
  • Caterers
  • Retailers
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Combining the FSSC 22000 with other audits and certifications

Companies that have already been certified to ISO 22000 can obtain FSSC 22000 certification with significantly less effort. The prerequisite is that the necessary technical and sector-specific requirements are met.

FSSC 22000 certification has similarities with IFS Food and BRCGS Food certification. Companies that have already been audited according to these standards can usually shorten the audit for the FSSC 22000 standard. At DQS Inc. you receive all audits for your food safety and quality certification from one source.

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Process for getting certified to FSSC 22000

In the first step, you will discuss your company, your management system, and the goals of certification with us. Following this conversation, you will promptly receive a detailed and transparent quote, tailored to your company's needs.

Project planning begins with our Planners scheduling a mutually agreeable date for the audits, including an optional gap assessment if requested.
A gap assessment also offers the opportunity to identify potential for improvement as well as strengths of your management system in advance.


The certification audit starts with a stage 1 audit, system analysis, and the evaluation of your documentation, objectives, results of your management review, and internal audits. This will we determine whether your management system is sufficiently developed and ready for certification.
In the system audit stage 2, your DQS Inc. auditor assesses the effectiveness of all management processes on site. In a final meeting, they will provide you with a detailed presentation of the results and possible improvement potential for your company. If necessary, action plans will be agreed upon.

After the certification audit, the results are evaluated by the independent certification board of DQS. You will receive an audit report documenting the audit results. If all FSSC 22000 requirements are met, you will receive an internationally recognized certificate.

The certificate is valid for a maximum of three years. Recertification is carried out in time by DQS Inc. before expiration to ensure continued compliance with the applicable standard requirements. Upon compliance, a new certificate is issued.


How much does an FSSC 22000 certification cost?

The cost of an FSSC 22000 certification depends primarily on the size of the company. We are happy to make you an customized quote for your company with no obligation.


Why should companies choose DQS Inc. for the FSSC 22000 certification?

  • All food safety and quality audits from one source
  • Auditors with extensive industry knowledge and experience
  • A high degree of customer and solution orientation for organizations in the food and feed industry
  • Personal contacts in North America and at over 80 locations worldwide

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