Customers will be rewarded for recommending us to other sites in the organization, parent and sister companies, customers, suppliers, business partners, and other professional associates.

DQS will provide incentives for referrals of new customer sites not currently certified/ contracted with DQS as follows:

  1. Apply $250 credit to the referring customer’s account for each new customer site that contracts with DQS. Credit is applied after execution of their first audit.
  2. Apply $250 reduction to the first audit costs for the new customer site that newly contracts with DQS.
  3. Award the individual from the customer who provided the referral a $50 VISA (or AMEX) gift card for each successful referral.
  4. The incentives apply for the first customer referring the new customer and only if the site has not already applied or contracted with DQS for services.


Please fill out the form below to submit your referral. Once received a member of our team will contact you shortly!