Our experts for your audit

Management systems help companies and organizations to act systematically and to manage efficiently. It is important that the lead auditor in the certification audit is very familiar with your individual situation and your corporate and management culture. In the audit, our experts are concerned with more than just ticking off checklists.

Our experienced auditors see an audit as a professional dialog between equal partners. They focus on your organization and on understanding the individual processes.

By the way: Before we come to you, we spend a lot of time finding the right auditor for you and your company. Because it is precisely at this point that the foundations are laid for a value-adding audit. By matching DQS auditors and customers, we ensure that industry-specific issues are always kept in mind during our audits.

  • 2,800 auditors are at work for you worldwide
  • Profound industry experience and in-depth knowledge of standards
  • Experts and managers from the field
  • Internationally uniform understanding and level of requirements

Your audit. Our expertise.

Each audit is individually tailored to your needs and objectives right from the planning stage. Whether it is about the performance of your management system, the evaluation of a process or the need for a certificate: The majority of DQS auditors are qualified in more than one area of expertise. On average, our auditors have accreditation for three different sets of regulations.

Thus, integrated management systems can be audited in combined procedures across all topics and improved for sustainable success. We see this as a holistic approach to integrated assessments.

During the audit, our auditors create a working environment that enables all participants to authentically represent their own field of activity. Our goal is to uncover both strengths and valuable potential for improvement in your organization.

DQS auditors are your competent contact persons for:

  • Quality management (e.g. ISO 9001)
  • Environmental management (e.g. ISO 14001)
  • Information security and data protection (e.g. ISO 27001)
  • Climate management (e.g. ISO 14064-1)
  • Energy management (e.g. ISO 50001)
  • Health and safety (e.g. ISO 45001)
  • Medical devices (e.g. ISO 13485, ISO 15378, MDSAP, TCP and MDR)
  • Sustainability (e.g. SA8000)
  • Food safety (e.g. IFS)
  • Business continuity (e.g. ISO 22301)
  • Risk management (e.g. ISO 31000/ONR 49001) and others

Your industry. Our auditors.

All 2,800 DQS auditors based in approx. 60 countries have completed vocational training and/or university degrees. It is important for us to assign experts and managers from the field in our audits. DQS auditors include physicians, engineers, biologists, lawyers, financial experts, computer scientists, food safety experts, professors, and many more.

They all have extensive experience with management techniques and management systems and have proven practical experience in the various industries they audit.

Your perception. Our incentive.

For years, one of the most important indicators for the quality of DQS assessments has been our customers' evaluation of our auditors. More than 14,000 evaluations provide a representative picture of the perception of our annual assessment services.

With an average of all evaluations of 4.75 (with a maximum value of 5) for DQS worldwide, the high values of previous years were again exceeded in 2021. The positive performance shows that DQS sees itself not only as an auditor according to regulatory requirements, but also as a management partner who knows how to motivate employees and managers for the management system by the way the audit is carried out.

Our worldwide, multicultural expertise speaks for itself

All auditors and experts of DQS have the same understanding and level of ambition, laid down in our guideline for excellent assessment "Good Audit Practice", accompanied and further developed in worldwide trainings.

In order to always provide you with the best service, DQS promotes a harmonized audit approach and a common understanding of standard interpretations. To this end, we organize an annual mandatory worldwide training program for our auditors and experts, covering topics such as interpretation of standards, audit techniques, interview methods, and case studies.

Global network, local expertise

All our auditors and experts are part of the unique, global DQS network. They have a high level of professional and social competence, full integrity and a deep understanding of your company's situation. Our experts use their comprehensive view of people, processes, and results to provide convincing performance.

Our DQS auditors at a glance

  • 2,800 auditors and experts are working for you worldwide - on more than 30,000 days a year
  • Audit solutions from a single source
  • All DQS experts and auditors are united by a uniform understanding and level of ambition, laid down in our guideline "Good Audit Practice"
  • DQS auditors and experts impress with their profound industry experience and in-depth knowledge of standards
  • They speak your language and conduct discussions at eye level
  • DQS auditors have deep insight into local markets
  • Through valid feedback, they embody the external view that is so valuable for your organization