In the rapidly evolving landscape of data quality and management, understanding key terms and concepts is essential. This glossary serves as a comprehensive resource to demystify the terminology and jargon that surround everything certifications. Whether you are a seasoned data professional, a newcomer to the field, or anyone in between, this glossary is designed to provide clarity and insight into the world of DQS and certifications.

CE certification for Medical Devices
Medical devices on the European market
Conformity assessment procedures for medical devices
CE Marking
Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)

The continuous improvement process (CIP), also known as the ongoing improvement process, is a method from quality management (ISO 9001) to continuously achieve small improvements in process quality, process quality, product quality, delivery capability and service quality.

The overall goal is to increase effectiveness and quality in organizations or companies through continuous improvement of internal procedures and processes.

DQS Certification Process for Management Systems
DQS audits: An effective instrument for the further development of your management system
Individual evaluations
We offer individual solutions for the benefit of our clients and consumers
Interested parties easily explained

Interested parties are an inescapable part of the "context" of any business. No matter what size or industry the company is in, there are always certain individuals or groups that have a vested interest in it.