DQS Complaint and appeal process

As a customer-oriented company, it is our goal to continuously provide the best possible service. It is therefore important for us to know how we are perceived by our customers and prospects. We therefore look forward to your feedback, even if your expectations were not met. We will contact you immediately and try to find a solution.

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction, other than appeal, by any interested party to DQS, relating to certification activities of DQS, its staff, Representatives and Auditors or to its certified DQS customers, where a formal response is explicitly or implicitly expected.

An appeal is defined as a request by a DQS client for reconsideration of a certification decision. Appeals are decided by a separate impartial technical reviewer (preferably the respective program manager) and not involved in the conduct of the audit nor the initial decision. Before decision making, responsible management of the accredited DQS entity shall be consulted. The process shall not affect nonconformity management or certificate decertification timelines.

The submission, investigation and decision on complaints or appeals shall not result in any discriminatory actions against the complainant or appellant.

However, if you wish to report a violation by DQS auditors or employees of our DQS Policies, Values, Code of Ethics or any law, please go to the https://www.dqsglobal.com/intl/contact/violation

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