Climate-neutral organization - How can this be achieved?
Avoid, reduce, and compensate - this should be the motto of every climate-neutral company. Not witho
Jul 26, 2023
# Climate Management
“Local at Heart and Global by Spirit” as a Notified Body for Medical Devices
The business world is shrinking through collaboration, innovation, and communication. At DQS, we ada
Jul 19, 2023
ISO 50005 - Implementing an energy management system
Many companies today rely on an energy management system to increase their energy efficiency while r
Jul 05, 2023
# Energy management
SDG and ISO 50001: Achieving sustainability goals
SDG and ISO 50001: the two have an almost direct relationship. Where the Sustainable Development Goa
Jun 15, 2023
# Energy management
The Passport to the Medical World: Unlocking Global Medical Device Markets
In today's globalized world, expanding your medical device business internationally requires a thoro
Jun 14, 2023
Top management in ISO 9001:2015 - What does the standard say?
According to the international standard ISO 9000:2015, which is responsible for concepts and termino
Jun 08, 2023
# Quality management requirements


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