Automotive Cyber Security: New mandatory regulations
The automotive industry is facing a radical paradigm shift: with the rapid pace of digitalization, m
Jun 02, 2024
# TISAX (Information Security in the Automotive Industry)
EU Ban on Products from Forced Labour – Integrating Supplier Audits into the Due Diligence Process
While the prohibition of forced labour is already embedded in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights a
May 02, 2024
IFS Logistics Version 3: Everything you need to know about the revision
Audits in accordance with the IFS Logistics Standard Version 3 will be possible from June 1, 2024, a
Mar 18, 2024
ISO 14001 and SDG: Global sustainability goals in focus
ISO 14001 is the best-known and most successful international standard that formulates requirements
Mar 11, 2024
# Environmental management
Environmental Management System - The Ultimate Guide
Increasing air and environmental pollution, excessive consumption of resources or climate change are
Feb 23, 2024
# Environmental management in an integrated management system
# Environmental management
New ISA Catalog 6.0 valid from April 1, 2024
The Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX®), a common assessment and exchange mec
Dec 15, 2023
# TISAX (Information Security in the Automotive Industry)


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