A food safety culture: Global Food Safety Initiative publishes position paper
18 months of work, 35 members from 12 countries, 54 pages - the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)
Jul 23, 2018
# Food Safety
Sustainability: Major update to the AA1000 Accountability Principles Standard.
On May 10, AccountAbility released a new version of its AA1000 AccountAbility Principles Standard (A
Jul 04, 2018
# Sustainability reporting & ESG indicators
Social audits: How to alleviate the burden on your suppliers
When it comes to conducting social audits, buyers depend on the cooperation of their suppliers. Fail
Jun 27, 2018
# Social audits in the supply chain
Product Fraud: IFS publishes practical guide
The issue of food fraud has grown in importance rapidly in recent years: Nearly all food safety stan
May 22, 2018
BRC Food Version 8: New clauses and changes
Following the six-month transition period, the new version of the BRC Food Safety Standard will come
May 16, 2018
# Food Safety
Anti-corruption: Vivo Energy receives first ISO 37001 certificate
After a successful assessment of the Dutch company VIVO Energy, DQS CFS GmbH issued for the first ti
Apr 02, 2018
# Compliance & Due Diligence


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