Safety and quality in transportation

Quality and safety requirements for chemical logistics providers are becoming more complex. Not only requirements from authorities and public institutions have continuously increased, but also requirements from the customer side are becoming more complex. To ensure the safety of transports, the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) has developed the SQAS system for evaluating the performance of participating providers.

SQAS is the central tool for risk management in logistics processes. The assessment covers the essential aspects of a company evaluation: Quality, safety, health, environmental impact, and social responsibility.


Recognized proof of safe transport

Consistent compliance with legal requirements

Significant reduction of the risk of accidents

No cost-intensive multiple assessments by logistics companies

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SQAS - Safety and Quality Assessment System for the Chemical Industry

The Safety and Quality Assessment System (SQAS) is an audit system of the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC). It is used to assess aspects of quality, safety, health and environmental compatibility as well as social responsibility at logistics providers.

Logistics service providers and distributors, with a focus on hazardous goods, are audited in a standardized procedure using a standardized questionnaire. The basic questionnaire must be used by all companies. In addition, at least one of five specific questionnaires is used. The results of the assessments are made available on the CEFIC homepage. There, potential customers can find out about the SQAS assessment of their logistics provider.


The SQAS questionnaires

CEFIC has developed six specific SQAS questionnaires for the different logistics service providers. The basic questionnaire is to be used by all companies. In addition, there are five special questionnaires. These have been developed in cooperation between clients from the chemical industry and logistics service providers. One of these questionnaires was developed specifically for companies focusing on the storage, transport, and distribution of chemicals.

Unlike ISO 9001, SQAS/ESAD places greater emphasis on safety, health and environmental compatibility. An SQAS/ESAD assessment does not result in a certificate. Instead, there is a detailed report. Based on this, clients from the chemical industry can evaluate logistics service providers and make a selection.

The respective assessments are carried out by auditors who are trained and accredited directly by CEFIC. The supervision of the auditors is also ensured by CEFIC. This ensures a continuous and uniform high quality of the assessments throughout Europe. Within the framework of an SQAS assessment, particular emphasis is also placed on professional supplier management.


How does an SQAS assessment work?

You apply for an SQAS assessment to be carried out for your company on the SQAS website. At the same time, you select the appropriate DQS auditor from the list of accredited SQAS assessors.

In this step, you complete the Pre-Assessment Document (PAD) on the SQAS website and send it to your selected assessor. Based on the PAD, the assessor will determine the amount of time needed to complete the assessment.

For you, an assessment according to SQAS first means answering a mandatory questionnaire containing basic requirements. This is supplemented by at least one of five specific questionnaires on the topics of transport (Transport), storage (Warehouse), tank cleaning stations (Tank Cleaning) and transport by rail (Rail), as well as a questionnaire with special requirements for dealers in handling the chemicals (SQAS/ESAD).

After the assessment, the results are evaluated and the possible optimization potentials are highlighted. The report is prepared for the CEFIC SQAS database. An SQAS/ESAD assessment does not lead to a certificate. Instead, a detailed report is produced. Assessment results are available online.

To ensure continued compliance, a repeat assessment must be conducted after three years at the latest.


What does the SQAS Assessment cost?

For the SQAS Assessment, the DQS auditors specifically address your company. We plan each audit according to your company's requirements. Thus, an assessment can take a few days or several weeks. Plan your personal offer with DQS - so you know what to expect. Contact us.


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