Configuration management in information security
Modern IT landscapes require the coordinated interaction of IT resources, network infrastructures, h
Feb 20, 2024
# Information security in an organization
Can Carbon Credits Aid in Sustainability?
Are carbon credits the gold standard for curtailing carbon emissions? Should we laud the enterprises
Feb 12, 2024
# Climate Management
# Sustainability reporting & ESG indicators
What We Can Learn From The Texas Winter Storm of 2021
Since the Texas Winter Storm 2021 which caused a power grid failure in February of 2021, Texans have
Feb 05, 2024
# Energy management
DQS Academy Testimonials: How ISO Auditor Certification Can Enhance Your Resume
DQS Academy is now in its second year of providing ISO training courses publicly, privately, and dig
Jan 29, 2024
Why Is Sustainability Important: From EGO to ECO
Sustainability is a concept that holds immense significance in our world today. It encompasses the i
Jan 25, 2024
# Sustainability Certification
Revision of ISO 9001:2015 to be available in 2025
August 2023: Simple majority in favor of revision. In the vote of the ISO/TC 176 SC2 technical comm
Jan 19, 2024
# Quality Management ISO 9001


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