Quality management system - achieve an efficient QMS with ISO 9001
The idea behind the term quality management system works very much along the lines of "what doesn't
Jan 13, 2023
Secure Coding - Challenges in Information Security
No data and information processing can be operated without software. Software development focuses pr
Jan 13, 2023
# Information Security and Data Protection
MISUMI USA Celebrates 20 Years as an ISO 9001 Certified Company
MISUMI is a global manufacturer and distributor of standard and configurable industrial automation c
Dec 30, 2022
Detection and Prevention in Information Security Management
Today's cyber threat landscapes are changing rapidly. In line with this, it is essential to keep the
Dec 08, 2022
# Information Security and Data Protection
Corporate information security: A case study of Mubea group
Today, solid information security brings far more advantages for companies than simply securing the
Dec 06, 2022
# Information security in an organization
IT security vs. information security - what's the difference?
Two things that are often confused with each other: information technology (IT) security and informa
Nov 12, 2022
# Information Security versus IT Security


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