Worldwide acceptance and meaningful added value

The world has become more complex for both businesses and consumers. With our certificates, DQS provides credibility and trust, security and orientation. Our teams make certification processes as pleasant as possible. With our smooth support, we offer our customers real relief.

The value of a certificate is always measured by the degree of public trust in the certifying, accredited or notified body. Accreditations, authorizations, and memberships are therefore a valuable tool for us. They prove our competence, create trust, and confirm the worldwide acceptance of our activities.

In order to make sure that our audits and assessments continue to enjoy the widest possible recognition in the market, we regard the national accreditation bodies as important partners. By way of its international accredited offices, DQS can also offer certification by various national accreditation bodies in different countries, both globally and locally.

Major Global Accreditations

DQS assesses management systems and processes on the basis of more than 100 nationally and internationally recognized standards and specifications. The most widely used global accreditations and notifications of DQS Group and our Centers of Excellence in the fields of medical devices, sustainability, food, and information/data security include the following:

  • AA1000
  • Aluminum Stewardship Initiative
  • ANAB
  • APMG
  • BLE - German Federal Office for Agriculture and Food
  • Climate Bonds Initiative
  • DAkkS - German Accreditation Authority
  • FSSC 22000
  • GRI TRAINING Partner
  • IFS
  • MDSAP Regulatory Authorities Council
  • Responsible Business Alliance
  • SCC Standards Council of Canada
  • Sedex
  • UNIFE - Union des Industries Ferroviaires Européennes
  • VDA QMC - Quality Management Center in the German Association of the Automotive Industry
  • ZLG Central Office of the German Federal States for Health Protection with regard to Medicinal Products and Medical Devices
  • ... and many more



The ANAB mark appears on all DQS Inc. certificates where permitted and covered by our accreditation. ANAB is internationally recognized as one of the leading accreditation organizations in the world. This mark is critical for certification bodies, like DQS Inc. and demonstrates the integrity of the certification process. ANAB audits various certification bodies to assure conformance to the international standards.

A DQS Inc. certificate bearing the ANAB mark signals additional confidence to the marketplace and for all stakeholders that an organization is providing valued products or services that meet their customer’s specifications. This also provides the opportunity for clients to advertise that their certification comes from an ANAB accredited certification body, and therefore enables them to use the ANAB mark in addition to the UL Registered Firm Mark.

For some of our clients, the ANAB mark is a mandatory element of the issued certificate, particularly in the Aerospace and Telecommunications industries. We remain committed to assuring our service is fully recognized and proven to have integrity and confidence for our clients and their customers.


AS 9100, AS 9120, ISO 9001, RC 14001, RCMS, TL 9000, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, ISO 27001, ISO 45001

ANAB Certificate

ANAB Scope of Accreditation

ISO 20000-1

ESD 20.20

Recognition – IATF – International Automotive Task Force ISO/TS 16949 and IATF 16949:2016

Why accreditation makes sense

The accreditation of DQS gives you the guarantee that the certificates we issue are credible and objective. We always audit in an unbiased, independent, and appropriate manner - based on internationally recognized rules such as ISO/IEC 17021, ISO/IEC 17065 and the guide for "Auditing of Management Systems", ISO 19011.

Likewise, our authorizations for many standards serve as confirmation that our auditors know exactly what they are doing and adhere to applicable rules. So you can be sure that relevant areas within your organization are audited by experts who are themselves subject to strict quality requirements

This way, you can be sure that relevant areas within your organization are audited by experts who are themselves subject to strict quality requirements, and whose expertise is regularly enhanced in auditor training and continuing education courses.

Internationally recognized accreditations and authorizations are also useful when selecting service providers. Our tip: Accreditation entitles a conformity assessment body to display the accreditation logo of the respective accreditation body on the certificates it issues. If there is such an accreditation logo on your certificate, it is an accredited certificate with worldwide recognition, which is also accepted for public and private tenders.