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In the era of digital transformation, the importance of Information Security has increased significantly for organizations. With the heightened risks of data breaches, hacking, and cyber threats, companies without adequate security measures face risks such as data loss and unauthorized access. To address these challenges and mitigate risk, a structured Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on ISO 27001 is necessary. Partnering with an ANAB accredited certification body such as DQS Inc. can help reduce these risks effectively.

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What is ISO 27001?

ISO/IEC 27001 is the leading global standard for establishing a comprehensive management system that is centered in information security. It puts a strong emphasis on recognizing, assessing, and effectively managing risks in information handling processes. There is a strong emphasis on safeguarding confidential information as it is a significant strategic element.

In today’s interconnected world, information is woven into nearly every facet of our daily life and business operations. While some instances may be inconsequential, others play a significant role in society. To make this critical distinction for your organization, it is necessary to classify information. This will form the foundation for your Information Security Management System (ISMS) as it aligns with ISO 27001.

The ISMS framework serves a dual purpose: protecting the integrity of operational data and ensuring uninterrupted availability of IT systems that are crucial to corporate processes. Achieving ISO 27001 certification conveys to the U.S. market that your ISMS is robust.

ISO/IEC 27001 has evolved since its initial release. Its second edition was released in 2013, followed by the most recent adaptation in October of 2022. This edition was a response to ISO/IEC 27002.

For organizations with existing ISO 27001 certifications, a transition window of three years from the final day of the publication month of ISO 27001:2022 is granted. This means that all certificates in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 must be updated to the 2022 version by October 31, 2025. Learn more about the update and its requirements in our blog: The New ISO/IEC 27001:2022 - Key Changes.

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Is the ISO 27001 certification suitable for my company?

Curious if the ISO 27001 certification aligns with the goals of your organization? The ISO 27001 certification USA holds value in North America as well as internationally. The standard offers an adaptable framework suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. It serves as a guide for planning, implementing, and monitoring information security strategies. These requirements also extend to private, public, and non-profit organizations.


Advantages of Implementing the ISO 27001 Standard

Introducing an ISMS based on ISO/IEC 27001 is a strategic decision for your company. By fulfilling the standard’s intentionally fundamental requirements must resonate with your company’s unique goals, objectives, and circumstances. Implementation depends on factors like your organization’s needs, security requirements, operational processes, and its scale and structure.

The importance of Annex A of ISO 27001, paired with section 6.1.3 based on company-specific risk analyses, cannot be overstated. The information security controls detailed in Annex A are sourced from ISO 27002, Sections 5 through 8.

Previously, Annex A included a total of 114 controls, addressing information security risks and was divided into 14 sections with 35 control objectives. In the updated ISO/IEC 27001:2022, Annex A now features 93 controls that relate to critical security aspects, categorized into four topic areas.

The consistent alignment of company processes with ISO 27001 has been proven to lead to several benefits:

  • Continuous improvement of the security level
  • Reduction of existing risks
  • Adherence to compliance requirements
  • Greater awareness among employees
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

Internally, conducting audits and reviews with the participation of top management acts as effective levers in achieving these objectives.

Furthermore, ISO 27001 certification builds trust with various stakeholders like supervisory authorities, financial institutions, insurance firms, and business partners. A certified management system demonstrates your organization’s systematic approach to managing risks and commitment to continuous improvement (CIP), making it more resistant to undesirable influences.

The international standard ISO/IEC 27001 can also be implemented, operated and certified independently of other management systems such as ISO 9001 (quality management) or ISO 14001 (environmental management).


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Who is authorized to administer an ISO 27001 certification in the U.S.?

When seeking ISO 27001 certification for your information security management system in the USA, it is vital that the certification body you choose has accreditation for ISO/IEC 17021 and ISO/IEC 27006. ISO/IEC 17021 is dedicated to regulating matters related to conformity assessment, and establishes stringent requirements for inspection bodies that audit and certify management systems.

In addition, ISO/IEC 27006 defines strict requirements that certification bodies must comply with to certify an ISMS according to ISO 27001.

These include:

  • Evidence of specified audit effort
  • Requirements for the qualification of auditors.

DQS is accredited by ANAB which grants the authority to execute audits and grant certifications in accordance with ISO 27001 in the USA.

Regardless of the industry in which your company operates, you can rely on the exceptional expertise of DQS auditors. Armed with extensive industry related experience, they specialize in evaluating information security management systems spanning various industries.

As of June 2023, the DQS ISO ANAB accreditation is now valid for the updated ISO/IEC 27001: 2022 certification.

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What is the ISO 27001 certification process?

Achieving ISO 27001 certification in the USA involves a series of steps. Once you have met all the requirements, DQS Inc. will guide you through a multi-stage process to earn your certificate. If a certified management system is already established in the company, the process can be shortened with a transfer audit.

Our process begins by discussing your company and specific ISO 27001 goals. Following this, DQS Inc. will provide a customized quote tailored to your unique needs.

For more extensive projects, a project planning meeting can be valuable for your organization to enhance coordination and scheduling for audits. There is also the opportunity to conduct an optional gap assessment. This can provide insights into your management system’s strengths and potential areas of improvement before moving forward.

The ISO 27001 audit begins with the initial stage – the stage 1 audit. This stage involves a system analysis and evaluation of your ISMS (Information Security Management System). The auditor will focus on determining if your management system is adequately developed and ready to be certified. The stage 2 system audit takes place next. During this stage, your auditor will evaluate the efficiency of all management processes on-site, in accordance with the ISO 27001 standards. This results in a final meeting where all of the audit findings will be presented, and if needed, next steps and action plans will be agreed upon.

After the certification audit, the results are evaluated by the independent certification board of DQS. If all standard requirements are met, you will receive the ISO 27001 certificate.

Once you have been successfully certified, you will be re-audited at least once a year to ensure you are maintaining your ISMS and working towards continuous improvement.

Your newly issued ISO 27001 certification is valid up to three years. DQS Inc. will initiate the recertification process to guarantee the continued adherence to the standard requirements. Upon successful verification of compliance, a new certificate will be issued, demonstrating your organization’s ongoing commitment to maintaining a robust information security system.


What will an ISO 27001 certification cost for my organization?

Determining the exact ISO 27001 certification cost for your organization isn’t a one-size-fits-all endeavor. It depends on various factors, including the scale and complexity of your company. Our commitment lies in creating customized solutions for your specific business requirements, and we are happy to create a personalized quote for your company.

The costs of certification for ISO 27001 are established according to the following four criteria, among others:

1. The complexity of your Information Security Management System.

Critical values such as patents, personal data, facilities, and processes associated with your company will be considered. The cost of certification is based primarily on the information security requirements and the extent to which confidentiality, integrity, and availability (VIV) of information are affected.

2. The core business of your company within the scope of the ISMS

The particular risks associated with your business processes carry weight in determining the required audit effort. Legal obligations and customer demands are also taken into account when assessing costs.

3. The main technologies and components used in your ISMS

During the audit, the technology and the individual components of your ISMS are examined. These include IT platforms, servers, databases, applications as well as network segments. The basic rule here is: The higher the proportion of standard systems and the lower the complexity of your IT, the lower the effort. The costs of an ISO 27001 certification also depends on this.

4 The proportion of in-house developments in your ISMS

If there is no internal development and you mainly use standardized software platforms, the effort of an assessment is lower. If your ISMS is characterized by intensive use of self-developed software and if this software is used for central business areas, the effort for certification will be higher.

To offer you a comprehensive overview of ISMS certification costs for your company, we require insights into your business model and its application scope. Once we have this information, we are happy to create you a customized quote that caters directly to your business needs.

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