Internal audits are an indispensable tool for a company: they can be used to determine whether its actions meet its own requirements for its management system, its corporate policy and its goals. And: whether the management system meets the requirements of the underlying standard. In our free White Paper, we show what needs to be considered.

Read in our White Paper

  • Internal audit program
  • OHS-relevant requirements at a glance
  • Internal audits and management review

Management Summary

Internal audits are an essential requirement of management system standards. Their purpose is a critical self-audit, and they question whether the required implementation is effective and is being maintained. Results obtained in the process are incorporated into the management review. In addition, ISO 45001 requires that audit results are also reported to workers and other relevant interested parties. The audit program is the basis for conducting internal audits. This specifi es which audits are to take place when and who plans and carries them out. It also includes the requirement to take action to address nonconformities and continuously improve OHS performance. Good guidance for conducting internal audits can be found in ISO 19011, the world’s definitive “Guidelines for auditing management systems”.

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