The DQS and IQNet certificates as well as the respective protected certificate symbols are the external signs of a successful certification - with a high acceptance worldwide. Use the symbols in a variety of ways, for example on your business papers or brochures, on company vehicles, at trade fair booths or on the Internet. Make your mark.

Please note that you need to unpack the ZIP files with the corresponding symbols before you can view and process the files.


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DQS and IQNet Certification Logo Images

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Dedicated DQS MED Logos

Some Important Conditions:

  • Use of the certification marks requires valid certificates by DQS.
  • If the certificate does not apply to your whole organization, the restricted valid scope shall be identified.
  • The mark is to use together with certified company names and certification standards.
  • Certificate number (BR No.) and the standard revision should be identified.
  • The certification mark can be use on your name cards,  webpage, business papers, your company vehicles, in your flyers and brochures, online advertising, at exhibition stands, etc.
  • The management system certification mark may NOT be used on product, product packaging, quotes, inspection or test reports.
  • Avoid potential misperception of certification scope, including company, location, product, service, etc.
  • Download above document to see other and all conditions in details.




Conditions for the use of DQS certification logos

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