For IATF 16949 Audits (or integrated with ISO 9001) after Jan 1, 2021. 

It also applies to the NCs issued due to an received performance complaint against the client.

Typical Process Flow and Timeline 



  • Above days are calendar days.
  • If 100% resolved is applied for NC closure, Special Audit is required before next regular audit.

Document Editing

  • In  “NC management” section, the auditor clicks “Save NCs for organization” button to export nonconformity part of the CARA file (partial CARA file).
  • The auditor sends the CARA file (.JSON format) to the client.  This file is only readable by the CARA system.
  • The client save the file in a local folder without changing the file name, to avoid data corruption.
  • The client opens “CARA NC” :
  • The language can be chosen at “Settings / General”.
  • The client click “Start / Load Report” to import the CARA file from the auditor.


  • The client edits the responses to NCs within CARA.
  • The client exports the CARA file in .JSON format and save it into a local folder.
    Don’t change the file name, and do use a folder other than that for the file from Lead Auditor.
  • The client sends this JSON file by email to the Lead Auditor.
  • The client can save another file in pdf format for internal use, with the Print button in CARA.
  • At CARA (Not NC CARA) webpage, the Lead Auditor imports the NC CARA file by clicking “Load client NC management” for further processing.
  • Any rework needed on the responses would follow the same steps.
  • Video tutorials is available at webpage of CARA NC:!/videoTutorial

Supported Browsers 

  • Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Opera with current versions are fully supported.
  • Internet Explorer from Version 11 is supported but is not recommended to use since it is not very fast.
  • Apple’s Safari is not supported.
  • Apple iOS devices can’t create files within the browser so no data backup is possible. The usage is not recommended.