Information on ASI Certification

The Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) is an industry-led initiative that aims to promote sustainability throughout the aluminium value chain. Both the aluminium industry and aluminium users benefit from ASI certification by demonstrating their commitment to social, environmental and ethical standards.

Demonstrate environmental, ethical and social commitment

Increase supply chain transparency

Meet expectations of sustainability-conscious customers

Stand out from competing products

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Aluminum and sustainability

Aluminium has very special properties that make it a great resource for transitioning to a sustainable economy - these include its light weight and excellent recyclability. At the same time, however, aluminium production has a significant impact on the planet, which needs to be managed and mitigated.


The ASI certification process enables producers and processing industries to credibly demonstrate that they are taking into account the highest environmental, social, and ethical standards.


For whom?

ASI standards can be applied across the aluminium value chain, from bauxite mining to smelting, refining, and material transformation. Industrial users such as the automotive and packaging sectors can also apply the standards.


ASI Performance Standard Certification

The ASI Performance Standard covers critical aspects that affect the entire aluminium value chain including greenhouse gas emissions, waste management, material stewardship, biodiversity, and human rights.

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ASI Chain of Custody Standard Certification

The ASI Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard complements the ASI Performance Standard and is voluntary for ASI members. The CoC Standard includes requirements for establishing a chain of custody for ASI certified aluminium. This allows further production and processing to be controlled throughout the value chain.


What is the ASI certification process?

In preparation for the audit, companies are required to answer a series of questions to determine their current status.

This risk-based assessment determines the extent to which the requirements of the standard are met. The assessment is performed by a recognized DQS auditor.

The auditor will prepare an audit report and make it available to both you and ASI. If any nonconformities have occurred, you will receive a detailed corrective action plan.

When all nonconformities have been corrected, ASI will review the audit report and issue the certificate. Your company will be listed on the ASI website from that point forward.

Surveillance and recertification audits are conducted by DQS and ensure continued compliance with the ASI standard.


How much does ASI certification cost?

The cost of ASI certification depends on the selected audit standard, the size of the company and the number of employees, among other factors. We will be happy to make you an individual offer for your company without obligation.


Why DQS is the perfect partner for ASI certification

  • Global network of offices and experienced auditors
  • Knowledge of national regulations as well as local cultures and languages
  • Highly solution-oriented and customer-focused    
  • Smooth audit planning and in-depth audit reports

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