Determine and verify your water footprint with ISO 14046

Water consumption is a critical aspect for sustainability strategy and performance for many companies. . To effectively manage water consumption, comparable and reliable data is necessary. The ISO 14046 standard provides instructions and requirements for determining water footprints and reporting results. Independent verification by DQS Inc. provides assurance that all figures quoted are accurate and reliable.

Independent verification also helps improve rating results in the Carbon Disclosure Project's (CDP) Water Security Scoring.

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External confirmation by an internationally recognized certifier

Increased visibility

High degree of credibility of your cited data

Improved rating results

Beschreibung Standard/Regelwerk

Managing your water responsibly

Managing water as a resource will pose major challenges to humanity in the 21st century. In particular, the increasing impact of climate change is affecting the availability of water which is resulting in an increased pressure on companies to manage water responsibly. With the international ISO 14046 standard, it is possible to precisely determine the water footprint of products, processes, and organizations.


Independent verification of the water footprint

A water footprint determination can be used for internal purposes but many companies also share the results with their business partners:

  • As part of a sustainability report
  • To enable conclusions to be drawn about the water efficiency of a product or process
  • To satisfy customer information needs

How the ISO 14046 verification can benefit your company?

Independent verification by a competent third party such as DQS Inc. provides assurance to all interested parties that all figures quoted are accurate and reliable. Independent verification also helps improve rating results in the Carbon Disclosure Project's (CDP) Water Security Scoring.

Wer darf zertifizieren

In what context does verification take place?

Verification can be performed as a stand-alone audit or as part of an external report verification of the complete sustainability report.


What is the verification process?

First, we want to learn about your company, needs, and expectations. Once the objectives of the verification are defined, including the applicable standards and specifications, you will receive a quote for the pre-assessment.

During the pre-assessment the exact nature of the assignment, the scope of application, the objectives, and other criteria are clarified. Based on the results, DQS Inc. prepares the calculation and plans for the verification of the water footprint. This information is incorporated into a detailed proposal tailored to your company's individual needs. All relevant deliverables and applicable audit and verification criteria are specified and agreed upon.

The assigned verification team checks the respective declaration based on the previously prepared plan, applying the applicable standards, and specifications. Among other things, evidence is collected and checked, sites are visited, and estimates and calculations are reconstructed and analyzed.
If necessary, a prior review of documents complements the verification. The verification result, including all findings, is presented to you during the final meeting and if necessary, action plans are agreed upon.

After verification, the results are evaluated by the independent certification board of DQS. If all requirements are met, you will receive a verification statement for your company.

For the verification of another report, declaration, or for the follow-up period, a new assessment is performed. The verification statement is valid for the respective water footprint statement of your organization and has no validity period.


How much does the verification of a water footprint according to ISO 14046 cost?

The cost of an ISO 14046 verification depends on the scope and complexity. We are happy to make you an individual quote for your company or organization with no obligation.


Why DQS Inc. is the perfect partner for ISO 14046 verification

  • Global network of highly qualified auditors with local support in the U.S.
  • Highly solution-oriented and customer-focused
  • A high level of expertise in all industries
  • Quotes and services individually tailored to your organization

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