After a successful assessment of the Dutch company VIVO Energy, DQS CFS GmbH issued for the first time a certificate according to the new standard for anti-corruption management systems ISO 37001. We would like to congratulate the whole team of Vivo Energy for the successful ISO 37001 audit.

What is ISO 37001:2016?

ISO 37001:2016 is an international standard for anti-corruption management systems (ABMS). It helps organizations establish, implement and improve an ABMS to reduce and manage bribery risk. It is a generic standard that can be applied in organizations of all types - regardless of their size or industry.

Why is an ABMS so important?

An ABMS provides guidelines to prevent bribery and intervenes with appropriate measures in the event of a bribery attempt. An implemented ISO 37001 ABMS can protect your company's reputation and secure the trust of investors and customers.

Vivo Energy - A field report

The audit at Vivo Energy was successfully conducted in March 2018. Ms. Mari van Wyk, responsible for the implementation of ISO 37001, describes her experience with DQS as follows, "DQS was our chosen certification partner from the beginning; it's clear why they are the best. The audit team was made up of senior and experienced auditors, which speaks to DQS' commitment to their clients. The team was extremely helpful and professional; turning our seemingly daunting audit into an enjoyable experience. They guided us every step of the way; however, they did not refrain from asking challenging questions. DQS also conducted a readiness assessment that adequately prepared us for the actual certification. In short, we were blissfully happy with DQS' service."

Behzad Sadegh, the ISO 37001 audit manager and product manager, was very pleased with the outcome of the certification audit. "Anti-corruption awareness has increased significantly in recent years. The ability to be transparent is becoming increasingly important for companies like Vivo Energy. Therefore, we see a strong upswing in demand for certification to the ISO 37001 standard. Through value-added assessments, we support our customers in their mission to minimize the risk of bribery from internal and external influences."

ISO 37001 Certification with DQS

We provide the following services to interested clients:

  • Internal and external workshops are available to companies upon request.
  • DQS performs external audits for certification of your current ABMS
  • Highly qualified auditors are available to you globally.
Dr. Thijs Willaert

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