SURE (Sustainable Resources Verifications Scheme)

SURE (Sustainable Resources Verifications Scheme) is a voluntary certification system, confirming compliance with the sustainability criteria set out in the RED Directive.

SURE entered into economic circulation in October 2020. It is the result of a combined effort by REDcert fand Bioenergy Europe to establish a new, independent and reliable certification system for ensuring the sustainable use of biomass in the energy sector.

Fulfillment of standards imposed by national authorities

Determination of the mass of energy raw materials

Monitoring of processing processes

Reducing the negative environmental impact of processing processes


SURE certification confirms:

SURE's goal is to enable all businesses in the supply chain to demonstrate compliance with the legal requirements of the RED II Directive. SURE focuses primarily on biomass and gaseous biofuels. For more information about the system, visit


SURE- for whom?

  • Agricultural biom ass producers - producers of biomass such as straw, sugarcane bagasse, corn, short-rotation coppice and other energy crops;
  • Forest biomass producers - forest owners who supply forest biomass for energy;
  • Waste and resid ue producers - waste or residues, such as those used for post-consumer wood, processing residues, saw products, food waste and residues used as biomass fuel;
  • Biomass fuel producers - operators who process forest biomass, agricultural biomass or waste and residues into biomass fuels;
  • Trade and logistics sector - traders of biomass and biomass fuels, shipping companies and other logistics operators;
  • Heat and power producers - plants that convert biomass into electricity, heat or cooling. Such plants must demonstrate a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of at least 70% compared to emissions using fossil fuels
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How to become a participant

Registration in the SURE database is a prerequisite for an organization to join the certification process.


The course of the certification process according to the SURE standard

In the first stage, we discuss your company, management system and area of activity during a personal meeting or via email. Since the duration of the audit depends on the size and complexity of your company, we need some information from you, such as the number of employees. On this basis, you will immediately receive a detailed and transparent offer, tailored to your individual needs.

Before the audit, you register with SURE and sign a contract.

As soon as your company is ready, we work with you to set an audit date and select auditors with the right competence and experience in your industry. During the certification audit, our auditors assess, among other things, whether your management system meets the requirements of the standard and identify opportunities for improvement. During the final interview, you receive a detailed presentation of the results from the DQS auditor, including a description of the improvement potential for your company. If necessary, action plans are agreed upon.

Once full compliance with the SURE standard is achieved, a certificate is issued.


How much does SURE certification cost

The cost of SURE certification depends on, among other things, the number of suppliers and the complexity of your company's processes. We will be happy to provide you with a customized quote for your company without obligation


Why you should rely on DQS for SURE certification

  • Extensive industry knowledge and experience
  • High level of auditor competence
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We will be happy to provide you with a customized offer for SURE certification.