The international standard ISO 27701 describes the general requirements for a data protection management system. It can support users in successfully implementing a wide variety of national data protection laws. In our free White Paper, we provide advicee for practical implementation.

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  • Requirements for a data protection management system
  • Selected components
  • Data privacy risk management
  • Introduction of a data protection management system

Management Summary

International standard ISO 27701 describes a data protection management system (DSMS) based on an information security management system (ISMS) in accordance with ISO 27001. This special form of DSMS is known as a personal information management system (PIMS). Anyone who has developed and implemented a PIMS in accordance with ISO 27701 – in other words, anyone who systematically protects and manages personal data – will fi nd it easy to ensure and prove compliance with legal data protection requirements. Properly applied, the standard can prevent many mistakes in the implementation and operation of a PIMS. This White Paper describes the basics.

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Stephan Rehfeld

Managing director of scope & focus Service-Gesellschaft mbH. External data protection officer and long-time data protection auditor of DQS. Full voting member of the "Identity Management and Data Protection Technologies" working group of DIN e.V., deputy head of their GDD Erfa-Kreis Hannover.

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