Simple, Versatile and Integrated way to handle Supplier Audits

A comprehensive web application that helps organisations to manage the whole array of activities, processes and data related to supplier audits. It aids the management to decide appropriate interventions to optimize the effort and develop suppliers in line with their strategic intent.

The Supplier Audit Management Solution 4.0 provides a comprehensive set of technology tools and applications to manage the whole array of activities, processes and data related to supplier audits.

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Social responsibility audits

Environmental audits

Compliance audits

Sustainability audits

IT audits


What is Supplier Audit Management 4.0?

A simple and fully integrated supplier audit management system that digitizes the complete supplier audit management process for all types of supplier audits

  • Create and manage customized checklist/questionnaire
  • Advanced audit planning and scheduling
  • Real-time audit execution
  • Collaborate on audits with multiple stakeholders
  • Time-bound Supplier Self Assessment option
  • Intuitive audit dashboards and reports
  • Comprehensive system-generated self-assessment and auditor evaluation reports (for each supplier)
  • Add and manage multiple internal stakeholders

Why do I need Supplier Audit Management 4.0?

  • Manages Supplier Audits in outdated Excel files
  • Lack of Audit Expertise
  • Seeking for data-driven Analysis for decision making

Features and Capabilities

  • Easy To Use Graphical Interface
  • Central Visibility into Audits and Outcomes
  • Audit Dashboards and Reports
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Software as Service (SaaS)

Benefits of Supplier Audit Management 4.0

Facilitates a streamlined, standardized and consistent approach to supplier audits across business units, divisions and national locations

Accelerates the supplier audit cycle, ranging from audit planning and scheduling to the development of action plans and checklists/ work-paper management, fieldwork, reporting and issue remediation

Minimizes supplier audit errors and inconsistencies through automated workflows

Provides enterprise-wide visibility into supplier audit processes and data, enabling stakeholders to easily identify areas of risk and non-compliance and initiate any appropriate management interventions for different segments of suppliers (based on performance or grouping of issues etc)

Elimination of manual processes associated with supplier audits and audit reporting optimizes the effort required and thus optimizing the cost of managing audits and findings


How much does Supplier Audit Management 4.0 cost?

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The annual subscription package prices are exclusive of GST or other relevant taxes

All paid subscription packages require 12 months payment to start the subscription services and renewal

Subscribers can upgrade from any paid subscription package at any given point of time but not downgrade

No midterm refund is applicable

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