Although it is prioritized in the automotive industry, in fact, in every sector, understanding customer requests correctly and demonstrating the potential of fulfilling these requests by the supplier is one of the most important stages of the process. In the automotive industry, the basic tools we know as "Core Tools" are actually PPAP, APQPFMEASPC ve MSA to serve this purpose.

What is PPAP?

PPAP stands for "Production Part Approval Process" and means "Production Part Approval Process". PPAP refers to all the planning that shows that the technical drawings, specifications and all similar requests from the customer are perceived correctly by the supplier and that the service will be completed in the quantity, quality and time requested by the customer when the production phase starts.

A PPAP file describes each step and stage of the production process and is approved by the customer representative. The customer also uses the PPAP as a control mechanism, so it is important to reconfirm with the customer any changes that occur in the process. Examples of these issues include the following situations.

  • Use of a different material in production
  • A new or revised mold
  • A new supplier or raw material
  • After a long production hiatus


PPAP File Sample

  • Design Registries
  • Approved Engineering Change Documents
  • Customer Engineering Approval
  • Design FMEA (DFMEA)
  • Process Flow Diagrams
  • Process FMEA (PFMEA)
  • Control Plan
  • MSA - Measurement System Analysis Studies
  • Material/Performance Test Result Records
  • Initial Process Studies
  • Qualified Laboratory Documentation
  • Appearance Approval Report
  • Sample Production Parts
  • Master Sample
  • Auxiliary Control Equipment
  • Customer Special Requests
  • Part Shipment Undertaking


Expertise and Trust

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