DQS (Pty) Ltd is glad to announce that Intocast South Africa (Pty) Ltd has successfully obtained Integrated Management System (IMS) certification after the conclusion of their assessment in the latter part of 2022.



Founded in 1979 INTOCAST took over current business activities of Eugen Schwarz GmbH. They had been supplying the German and European steel industry already since 1922 with consumables needed in iron and steelmaking.  This makes INTOCAST one of the well established players in the field looking back at a long tradition and wealth of experience.

The INTOCAST group grew over the decades into an enterprise active world-wide with a strategically selected network of eight German and five foreign operating sites one of which is South Africa. The INTOCAST group of companies is one of the few players capable of offering refractories, casting, powders and slag formers not only from development stage to manufacture but also including application support with regard to equipment solutions. The business philosophy of the INTOCAST group is focused on high quality products that allow customers to realize best possible cost benefit ratios. The INTOCAST group as an enterprise stands for world-wide customer support through a wide range of products and a highly motivated team of experts.

Strategic re-orientation has now expanded INTOCAST’s main focus of activity on the iron and steel production industry to include additional application areas for refractory products. During new and further developments, the company now also produces materials for the non-ferrous metal, cement, petrochemical, glass and ceramic industry as well as products for power stations and incinerators.

Based on acquisitions, mergers and strategic partnerships, INTOCAST can act as a global player for the complete range of refractory products. The mining and production of the group’s own raw materials, their milling and grinding, the further processing into finished refractory products and the provision of a technical service to install these products in user’s aggregates are the foundation for a highly diversified group of enterprises operating worldwide.



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INTOCAST is one of the few companies worldwide providing a service which includes demolition, supply of material and the installation thereof and casting auxiliaries.  Such a customer orientated combination enables INTOCAST to offer and to supply products from the blast furnace to all metallurgical vessels till the continuous casting machine, always well-adjusted to the process.

INTOCAST guarantees a complete supply of products and services covering the whole production process for iron, steel and Ferro alloys.  The trend of general technical development and customers’ continuously increasing quality requirements based on international competition lead to the demand for high-tech products combined with decreasing costs.  INTOCAST pays particular attention to environmental friendly production for the raw materials in use –recognizing that resources are limited –and also to the finished products and their application.

INTOCAST was the first company providing monolithic lining of metallurgical vessels with a special relining technique (endless lining) as an alternative to the commonly used brick linings.  INTOCAST introduced this technique successfully to the market.  Based on this technique INTOCAST developed a complete service concept including material and labour supply for tundish and ladle lining bays in steel plants.  Nowadays such global services are operating in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, South Africa, India and Japan.

In addition to the refractory services INTOCAST also offers a fully automatic feeding system for cc-fluxes based on long term contracts.  This concept requires a long term relationship between supplier and customer which has to be based on special mutual trust.  In this regard continuous development, a high quality product standard, a solid working capital level and a long term company strategy are necessary.

Thus INTOCAST works in close corporation with its customers to optimize solutions for any application and puts them into practice. Technical competence, high quality awareness and a readiness to promote development of the products identify INTOCAST’s company profile. For customers it stands for high product standards combined with lower production costs, both decisive factors for a company’s success.

It is the declared goal of the group to produce, offer and use top quality products and services in a controlled sequence, thus leading to the greatest possible commercial and technical success both the customers and INTOCAST.

In the medium and long term INTOCAST identifies itself as a producer of specialities to the applied in market segments where know-how and innovation are required, with the objective of offering the best services at the lowest possible costs.


INTOCAST Global Footprint


As global player we consider it essential to conform to international trade standards as precondition for sustainable growth! Strict adherence to globally accepted standards is therefore vitally important in conjunction with social responsibility for our employees and the environment. The business activities of the INTOCAST group are therefore based on accepted standards regarding quality, work safety, environment, rules and regulations for compliance beside our social involvement. Through projects like the Sparrow children’s village in South Africa among others the group demonstrates social involvement in the communities

INTOCAST South Africa
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