Food Safety Management System with SQF

The SQF Edition 9 Program is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and provides certification standards from primary production to food manufacturing, food packaging, retail, and storage and distribution providers.

The Food Safety Fundamentals (previously Level 1) is an introductory food code for small and developing food businesses.

Food Safety Code (previously Level 2) is HACCP based and is benchmarked by GFSI. The code is divided into food safety requirements for five food sectors: Primary Production, Retail, Manufacturing, Food Packaging and Storage, and Distribution.

SQF Quality Code is a food quality code standard for sites already certified to one of the Food Safety Code standards.

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What is SQF?

This program is a comprehensive HACCP-based food safety and quality management certification system for all sectors of the food industry, from primary production to transport and distribution. By separating the different products and industries into 35 food sector categories and seven standards, SQF can specialize in each division and offers a customized module/audit templates for each sector and level of maturity.


What are the benefits of SQF?

There are also several benefits to buyers who purchase from suppliers using the SQF standard.  Requiring SQF certification from suppliers can help protect your organization’s brand by focusing on hazard analysis, risk assessment, and proactive prevention strategies. This promotes increased customer confidence throughout the world.

An added benefit is that the SQF Program provides online access to a list of SQF suppliers, along with their certification status and audit results, making it easy to identify potential suppliers.

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How does the SQF certification work?

When your management system is established, you can start the process of getting it certified with DQS Inc. We will work with you to discuss the goals of SQF certification and get you a detailed quote tailored to the needs of your company. 

Project planning begins with the schedule mutually agreed upon dates for your initial assessment(s) and coordinating multiple sites if applicable. An optional gap assessment can also be scheduled to help you identify the strengths and points of improvement in your management system in advance. 

The certification process begins with a review and evaluation of system documentation, goals, results of management review, and internal audits. The assigned audit team will assess the client’s management system. 

The independent certification function of DQS Inc. will evaluate the audit process and its results, and make an independent decision about issuance of the certificate. The client receives an assessment report, documenting the assessment results. When all applicable requirements are fulfilled, the client also receives the certificate valid for 1 year. 

Each year a recertification audit will be needed to ensure the ongoing fulfillment of all application requirements and renew the certificate. 


What does SQF certification cost?

The cost of SQF certification cannot be given in a lump sum. It is dependent on a variety of factors, including the size and complexity of the system. Each quote is customized based on the information on the company. 


Why choose DQS Inc. to certify to SQF?

  • Over 35 years of experience in the certification of management systems
  • Industry-experienced auditors and experts with strong technical knowledge
  • Value-adding insights into your company
  • Certificates with international acceptance
  • Expertise and accreditations for all relevant standards
  • Personal, seamless support from our U.S. based specialists with international support
  • Individual offers with flexible contract terms and no hidden costs
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