ESD s20.20

For electronics manufacturers, an ESD (electrostatic discharge) event may cause damage to the product, rendering it useless or dramatically reducing the performance life.

For manufacturers and distributors of electronic components in North America, it is crucial to apply effective ESD controls during the handling, manufacturing, marking, packaging, and labeling of these sensitive devices. The product realization process must be robust to prevent a static event and product damage throughout the product realization chain.

Help reduce product failure and improve product reliability

Improved ROI as a result of reduced work-in-progress from test failures

Reduced warranty liabilities from field failures

Beschreibung Standard/Regelwerk

What is ESD s20.20?

ESD s20.20 is an independent, third party assessment that can help organizations identify areas of weakness and help prevent ESD occurrences. 


What are the steps for getting an ESD s20.20 certification?

We will work with you to discuss the goals of your management system and get a detailed and customized quote put together specific to your company. 

We will begin project planning by scheduling mutually agreed upon dates for your initial assessment(s). An optional gap assessment can also be scheduled before the stage 1 to assess the preparedness of the site. 

The certification audit takes place in two stages. An initial assessment, stage 1, and certification assessment, stage 2. The audit team will evaluate the effectiveness of the management system and adherence to the standard. 

The independent certification function of DQS Inc. will evaluate the audit process and its results, and make an independent certification decision about the rewarding of the certificate. The client receives an assessment report, documenting the assessment results. When all applicable requirements are fulfilled, the client will receive the certificate.


What does ESD s20.20 certification cost?

The cost of certification is dependent upon many factors, such as size and complexity of your organization. Therefore, each quote is customized based on the information of the company applying for certification. 


Why should you choose DQS Inc.?

  • Over 35 years of experience in the certification of management systems
  • Industry-experienced auditors and experts with strong technical knowledge
  • Value-adding insights into your company
  • Certificates with acceptance in North America and internationally
  • Expertise and accreditations for all relevant standards
  • Personal, seamless support from our United States-based specialists
  • Individual offers with flexible contract terms and no hidden costs
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