The IATF is inviting IATF 16949 certified organizations to participate in providing feedback on the Rules 6th Edition draft.

Feedback on IATF Rules Ed6 Draft


IATF Rules 6th Edition Draft

The IATF has completed the draft of the Rules 6th Edition – a major revision of the current Rules 5th Edition. The official version is expected to released later in 2023.

The IATF Rules requirements are binding on the IATF-recognized certification bodies, such as DQS, but there are also some requirements that should be understood by any organization certified to IATF 16949. From time to time, some IATF 16949 certified organizations express their opinions on the certification rules. Now you have the opportunity to access the draft Rules Ed6 and provide feedback directly to IATF before it is finalized.

The IATF is inviting IATF 16949 certified organizations to participate in providing feedback on the Rules 6th Edition draft. Your organization’s opinion matters, and your responses help IATF to improve the readability and practicality of the requirements.

How to provide feedbacks?

  • IATF 16949 certified organizations wishing to provide feedback must complete a registration form via below webpage link no later than 6 June 2023, midnight US Eastern Time (ET).
  • Only one registration per IATF 16949 certified company is permitted.
  • A work email address, the organization’s name, and the organization’s IATF certificate number are required to register, and the accuracy of the information supplied will be verified by the IATF.
  • Information that is unable to be verified will result in the registrant being excluded from participation in the survey for feedback.
  • Once the registration window closes, an email will be sent the week of 12 June 2023 to each verified registrant with a link to access the documents needed to complete the review of Rules 6th draft.
  • The Rules 6th draft will only be available in English and any feedback provided must be written in English to be considered.

About DQS

  • DQS is the 1st Certification Body approved by IATF for ISO/TS 16949 certification service, which is replaced by IATF 16949 certification at present.
  • Meanwhile, DQS Academy provides professional IATF 16949:2016 Internal Auditor and Core Tools Training Courses.
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