To improve the efficiency of audit planning and reporting processes by certification clients and DQS, we have launched a new system “Audit Manager in recent years. With the DQS Audit Manager, DQS Group offers our customers and auditors worldwide an innovative, web-based audit tool for easy and joint audit processing - from planning and audit preparation to the actual audit and follow-up, e.g. corrective actions management. The implementation of audit planning and reporting in DQS Audit Management is at below: 


Standards available in the Audit Manager 3.1:

  • ISO 9001:2015,
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 45001:2018,
  • ISO 27001,
  • More later

Note:  Not applicable for ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 combined audit, as IATF has a designated format for reporting.

The advantages:

  • Accurate audit planning information directly from clients
  • Easy verification of audit and certificate information by clients and auditors
  • Directly real-time access to online audit reports by clients
  • Reduced emails and paperwork


DQS Audit Manager for Clients:

  • The client will receive an email from DQS about Audit Manager, with an user name and a link to change password before audit planning.
  • The client will use Audit Manager for basic data provision before audit planning. 
    - You can find a guideline at this webpage.
    - For input of process data, you may choose to use the Excel template at that webpage to upload the data, including process name, KPIs, associated legal requirements, etc. 
  • The client will response to NCs, if any, within Audit Manager after audit.
  • The certified client can access previous audit report documents with it. 


DQS Audit Manager for DQS:

  • Auditors will use it for audit planning and reporting.
  • The report reviews will be done with it.


Contact our CS team in case that you face a problem during the use of Audit Manager.

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