Cannabis Authenticity and Purity Standard (CAPS)

The cannabis and hemp industries across all markets, continue to be challenged when providing product safety and quality assurances, and especially those assurances, which deliver a consist brand experience with customers and consumers.

Builds customer trust and loyalty

Enhances your brand

What is CAPS Certification?

Recognition in the CAPS program promotes such valued-added benefits, such as production process efficiencies, reduced waste, and mitigates the risk of product failure, or recall.

Successfully implementing DQS certification in CAPS will verify your internal management system, as it meets, or exceeds regulatory safety and product quality requirements. Through leading edge and proven scientific innovations CAPS certification will build brand integrity, by uniquely identifying cultivars and providing a quantifiable measure, to certify the quality of those products, as authentic, consistent.

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How does CAPS certification benefit organizations?

  • Opens access to new markets
  • Satisfies requirements for GMP/GAP and quality performance
  • Meets or surpasses regulatory safety requirements

What are the levels of CAPS certification?

The CAPS-Basic is an annual site audit and certification process, which verifies that your Authenticity Identity Management System continually meets the requirements of the standard for safety and quality.

The CAPS-Advanced is built upon the CAPS-Basic annual site audit process and further demonstrates a brand's commitment to product quality through the CAPS authenticity and purity testing requirements. Displaying the unique CAPS-certified logo on products ensures that each batch is tested for authenticity and consistency as verified by DQS.


How does CAPS certification work?

Contact DQS today, for more information and learn how a first-time on-site CAPS Pre-Assessment process can benefit your business.  (Note: DQS has applied to participate with The ANSI National Accreditation Board CAPS Pilot and undergoing accreditation for CAPS under ISO/IEC 17065).

Registration for CAPS can be done at

The certification process itself begins with review and evaluation of system documentation, goals, results of management review and internal audits. The assigned audit team will assess the client’s management system. 

The independent certification function of DQS Inc. will evaluate the audit process and its results, and make an independent certification decision about issuance of the certificate. The client receives an assessment report, documenting the assessment results. When all applicable requirements are fulfilled the client also receives the certificate valid for 1 year. 

Each year a recertification audit will be needed to ensure the ongoing fulfillment of all application requirements and renew the certificate. 


What does CAPS certification cost?

The cost for CAPS certification depends on a few factors, including size of company and scope. Contact DQS, and we will be happy to provide you with a customized quote. 


Why DQS?

DQS has more than 35 years of auditing experience. We provide customers with value-added evaluations of their system so they can see the true state of their processes. With specialized support, our team offers high quality services and customer care. 

(Note: DQS has applied to participate with the ANSI National Accreditation Board CAPS Pilot and undergoing accreditation for CAPS under ISO/IEC 17065).

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