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The Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) was developed by the SAI Platform - the agri-food industry's global initiative for sustainable agriculture. As an SAI-recognized certification body, DQS offers you the appropriate audits to make FSA claims.

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Beschreibung Standard/Regelwerk

Farm Sustainability Asessment (FSA)

The FSA tool comprises a set of requirements for sustainable agriculture agreed upon by the food and beverage industry. FSA thus aims to harmonize the definition of sustainability, reduce duplication in recording and auditing, and ensure the continuous development of sustainable agricultural production. It also contributes to more consistent communication about sustainability expectations along the value chains of the beverage and food industry.


Assessment criteria

The assessment includes social, environmental, economic, and general management criteria for crop, vegetable, and fruit production and is suitable for operations of all sizes.


Assessment and award process

Farms can achieve one of three performance categories through self-reporting or crediting existing standards: Bronze, Silver, or Gold.


When does verification make sense?

If a company wants to publicly endorse its suppliers' FSA category, it must source its goods from "farm management groups" and ensure that these supplier groups undergo self-assessments in accordance with FSA regulations. In addition, the self-assessments must be verified by an independent third-party body such as DQS. Only after successful verification may both participation and the category achieved be communicated to customers.


How does a Farm Sustainability Assessment work?

First, we want to learn about your company, your needs and expectations. Once the goals of the verification and the structure of the Farm Management Group are defined, you will receive a quote for the audits.

During the document review, for example, guidelines, work instructions and specifications are examined. Once all the required documents have been reviewed, the auditing team prepares a detailed plan so that the audits can be carried out as efficiently as possible.

At the farm management group level, the management system and mass balance procedures are audited. Audits also take place at the individual farm level, but only as a sample at a pre-defined number. The focus at the individual farms is to verify the information provided in the self-disclosure.

After verification, the results are assessed by the independent certification board of DQS. In the verification statement, the performance level is rated as gold, silver, or bronze.

Annual surveillance audits are required to maintain the status.


How much does the Farm Sustainability Assessment cost?

The cost of a verification and audit depends, among other things, on the scope and complexity. We will be happy to make you an individual offer for your company without obligation.


Why DQS is the perfect partner for a Farm Sustainability Assessment

  • Core competence in sustainability for the agri-food industry
  • Global network of highly qualified auditors
  • Highly solution-oriented and customer-focused    
  • Customized offers and services for your company



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