"IFS 감사가 제 시간에 이루어지지 않으면 인증서가 만료됩니다. 감사 없이 인증서 갱신은 불가능합니다." - 이제 무엇을 합니까? 원격 감사가 없습니까? 위기 이후까지 인증서 갱신이 없습니까? 코로나 시대에 IFS의 공식적인 태도는 처음에는 딱딱하게 들립니다. 그러나 걱정하지 마십시오. 보이는 것만큼 나쁘지 않습니다. 아래에서 진행 방법에 대한 모든 중요한 정보를 찾을 수 있습니다.

Only an on-site audit can assess product integrity, manufacturing processes and the corresponding employee competencies - IFS is convinced of this. In times of Corona, on-site audits cannot now be carried out in many cases due to precautionary measures taken by governments, manufacturers and certification bodies. The IFS has therefore decided that IFS certificates that cannot be renewed due to the pandemic will expire. In this case, the IFS database will indicate that the certificate could not be renewed due to the Corona pandemic.

Let's now shed some light on the specific steps you need to follow if you are facing an IFS audit in times of Corona.

Cancel the audit or not?

First of all, it must be clarified whether an audit can take place or not. IFS recommends that all affected sites conduct a risk assessment and consider whether to allow outside individuals access to the facility. In other words, each site should conduct an individual risk assessment, taking into account the health risk and government policies, to determine whether or not a particular audit can be conducted. If the conclusion is that a third-party audit is not possible at this time, the relevant certification body must be informed with immediate effect and the audit postponed. Contact us using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Administrative steps

As soon as the information is received by the certification body, it will tick the recently introduced checkbox in the IFS database. This allows you to demonstrate to all users of the IFS database that a scheduled audit had to be postponed due to the coronavirus crisis. In addition to checking the box, IFS strongly recommends that you agree with the certification body on a statement for the comment field, indicating the following:

  • Reason for postponement
  • Current status of production
  • Additional measures taken by the site to ensure the safety and quality of the products (e.g. internal audits, employee training/instruction)
  • Additional surveillance measures by the certification body
  • Next steps in audit planning

All IFS database users that you have marked as favorites will then receive a notification with the information entered in the comment field. The expired certificate will remain visible in the database for 12 months after the certificate expires or until a new certificate is uploaded. IFS answers further questions here.

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