Do you conduct internal audits in your organization? If so, you have certainly experienced situations like these: Top management is reluctant to define the audit objectives, process owners turn out to be poorly prepared or may not even be present, or other interview partners fall silent out of fear. None of these is a good foundation for a value-adding internal audit. Is this how it has to be? No, it does not!

Internal Audits stand for the "Check" in Plan-Do-Check-Act and are mandatory requirements in Chapter 9 of the High Level Structure: Internal Audits. For those who plan and conduct them, they can be quite a great challenge, because they rarely enjoy great popularity.

We will show you how internal audits can become an inspiration and source of further development opportunities for everyone involved – and how they can even be fun!

Top-class management system experts with many years of experience in the service and manufacturing industries will show you the way from preparation to conduct and follow-up of successful internal audits.




Our international congress "Internal Audits - From Ritual to Inspiration" is the meeting place for all management system officers who have to conduct and benefit from internal audits.

Note: The international congress "Internal Audits" will take place online in several countries around the globe. In order to enable as many interested parties as possible to participate, and in view of the different time zones, the congress will be held in two parts:

Part 1: Nov 29, 2022, from 03:00 p. m. to 06:30 p. m. (CET)

Part 2: Nov 30, 2022 from 03:00 p. m. to 06:30 p. m. (CET)

The congress language is English.



Our experts will take you on the complete journey of an internal audit - from preparation to conduct and follow-up.

Here are some samples from different topics:

Preparing an audit:

  • ISO 19011 and audit principles: Does the world need a guide to auditing management systems?
  • What are the criteria for audits?
  • What types of approaches are used to guide audit program planning?
  • Stumbling blocks in the preparation of internal audits

Conducting an audit:

  • What are alternative audit methods - and how do they work?
  • Audit communication: Getting started - active listening - documentation - feedback


  • How do I evaluate audit findings?
  • How do I formulate measures in a meaningful way?
  • Who is responsible for the closing of measures?
  • What is the 5W method?



Sigrun Steiner
Freelance consultant, trainer and auditor with over 15 years of experience in the fields of quality, energy and environment nationally as well as internationally. "The art is to find solutions that are precise and implementable in an acceptable timeframe. This is the upcoming challenge in the field of key figures and energy management. Let's work out the solutions to this together!"
Frank Graichen
Standards expert for ISO 9001 with diverse activities as presenter, speaker, trainer and author of publications around management systems, standards and audits.
Kirsten Klett-Märkle
Lead Auditor / Consultant / Coach & Trainer / Expert in consulting & development of sustainable management systems and the employees involved. Since 2005 DQS auditor for Quality & Environment regulations.
Volker Hoppen
Dipl. Ing. Dipl. Wirt. Ing. / Freelance coach, trainer and lead auditor for management systems with more than 25 years of audit and leadership experience in leading positions in IT and finance with focus on information security, IT service, risk and process management.
Lisa Brandon
Vice President of Business Development at DQS Inc. in the United States with 15 years of experience as an ISO 9001 Lead Auditor and 35 years overall in UL and DQS Certification Body business.
Candace Orbaugh
Masters of Quality Management, CPEA, Lead auditor for quality, environmental, health & safety with more than 23 years of experience of leading and training auditors. Currently DQS Inc’s Director of EHS & Energy programs.
Katarina Granic
Organizer DQS Workshops

International Congress on Internal Audits

Nov 29 , 2022
Nov 30 , 2022

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