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  • ISO 27001: Basis for secure digitization

Management Summary

The speed of information distribution and processing is a major challenge in organizations today. Due to the diversity of information, it is becoming increasingly diffi cult to identify the information that is crucial and relevant for the organization and its management system. At the same time, the use of modern means of communication to manage documented information creates entirely new aspects. Availability, integrity and confi dentiality are becoming increasingly important. However, as the degree of availability increases, the security of the information decreases, unless adequate protective measures are taken. ISO 27001 may be the solution.

auditor-dqs-anderas altena


Andreas Altena

Managing Director of Sollence® GmbH, consultant, trainer and DQS Excellence Auditor. Core competencies: organizational development and integrated management systems, quality, information security, risk and (IT) service management.

expertin qualitätsmanagement - dqs - angelika müller


Angelika Müller

Managing Director of Sollence® GmbH, DQS auditor and trainer/facilitator with core competencies in quality management, organizational and human resource development, risk management, education, health/social services, operational health management, service excellence, member of the board of DGQ e.V.

experte für informationssicherheit - dqs - dr holger grieb


Dr. Holger Grieb

Consultant, DQS auditor and trainer with core competencies in software and organizational development as well as quality, information security, risk and (IT) service management, among others. Lecturer for "international management systems".

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