In our free White Paper, we present chapters 4 to 10 of the ISO 14064-1 specification individually. Chapters 5 and 6 in particular, while not fully comprehensive, can be understood as sequential steps towards the preparation of a GHG inventory.

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  • Detailed description of the standard requirements
  • Specific references to the annex
  • Comprehensive glossary of the most important terms of the standard

Management Summary

Greenhouse gases (GHGs) are the largest anthropogenic climate killer. Global warming is increasing at a rate that requires companies in all industries to take immediate action to reduce their GHG emissions, primarily CO2. This requires quantifying GHG emissions and establishing a GHG footprint.

Our White Paper provides valuable information on GHG accounting according to the internationally recognized specification ISO 14064-1. The specification covers the principles, guidelines and requirements for the planning, development, management and reporting of GHG inventories. In the White Paper, we present the individual chapters of the standard, describe the steps leading up to a GHG inventory, and explain the most important terms in a glossary.

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Altan Dayankac

Product manager for sustainability and occupational health and safety at DQS as well as auditor for numerous sustainability standards, author, moderator and sought-after expert in environmental and occupational health and safety committees

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