An important certificate for manufacturers of feed components

To ensure the safety and quality of their products, manufacturers of additives for animal feed can get certified according to FAMI-QS. With transparent quality specifications, the standard ensures a high level of product safety for feed components and contributes to the rearing of healthy as well as productive animals.

More safety in the feed chain

More efficient process management

More product safety and quality

High level of customer confidence

Beschreibung Standard/Regelwerk

FAMI-QS certification - for a high level of feed safety

The FAMI-QS standard was developed to ensure safety, quality and compliance with legal guidelines in feed production. The aim of the standard is to ensure that only safe and legally compliant feed materials reach the market.

The standard is based on the high-level structure of the ISO standards. The standard was developed by FAMI-QS Asbl, a non-profit organization that promotes uniform feed standards and aims to minimize potential hygiene risks in animal feed production.

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For which companies is a certification according to FAMI-QS suitable?

The main target group of the FAMI-QS standard includes manufacturers and traders of specialty feed ingredients. The certification can be applied to the entire supply chain, from production to trade of specialty feed ingredients.

Specialty feed ingredients are used to optimize the properties of animal feed. Ultimately, they are ingredients for animal feed that are specifically added and would not be naturally present in the feed. Typical examples include vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and preservatives. According to FAMI-QS, components for specialty feeds can be obtained through bio-processing, extraction, mining or chemical synthesis.
Certified producers are listed on the FAMI-QS Absl website.

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Structure of the standard

The FAMI-QS standard is based on the high-level structure for management systems

The following items are part of an audit for FAMI-QS certification:

  • HACCP - Is there a system for hazard analysis?
  • Monitoring - What measures are used to monitor and control processes?
  • Transparency - How is transparency in manufacturing achieved?
  • Process approach - Which processes are implemented and how?
  • Compliance - Are legal requirements adhered to?
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How does the FAMI-QS certification process work?

In the first step you will discuss your company, your management system and the goals of a certification with us. On this basis, you will promptly receive a detailed and transparent offer, tailored to your individual needs.

Especially for larger certification projects, a planning meeting is a valuable opportunity to get to know your auditor as well as to develop an individual audit program for all involved departments and sites.
A pre-audit also offers the opportunity to identify potential for improvement as well as strengths of your management system in advance. Both services are optional.

The certification audit starts with a system analysis (audit stage 1) and the evaluation of your documentation, objectives, results of your management review and internal audits. In this process, we determine whether your management system is sufficiently developed and ready for certification.
In the next step (system audit stage 2), your DQS auditor assesses the effectiveness of all management processes on site. In a final meeting, they will provide you with a detailed presentation of the results and possible improvement potential for your company. If necessary, action plans will be agreed upon.

After the certification audit, the results are evaluated by the independent certification board of DQS. You will receive an audit report documenting the audit results. If all standard requirements are met, you will receive an internationally recognized certificate.

The certificate is valid for a maximum of three years. Recertification is carried out in good time before expiry to ensure continued compliance with the applicable standard requirements. Upon compliance, a new certificate is issued.


How much does FAMI-QS certification cost?

The cost of FAMI-QS certification depends, among other things, on the size of your company and the complexity of their processes. We will be happy to make you an individual offer for your company without obligation.


Why should companies get FAMI-QS certified with DQS?

  • Extensive knowledge of the feed industry
  • Experienced auditors with a high level of expertise
  • Personal contact persons at more than 80 locations worldwide
  • Professional support beyond the audit as well

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