Responsible Care is the American Chemistry Council’s (ACC’s) comprehensive health, safety, security and environmental performance improvement initiative.  It was designed for ACC Member, Responsible Care® Partner companies, or any company  to help effectively manage their operations and products and respond to stakeholder concerns.

The Responsible Care Management System (RCMS®) is an integrated health, safety, security and environmental management system based on the principles of Responsible Care® and the Policy-Plan-Do-Check-Act continual improvement cycle.   The candidate company demonstrates conformance to the requirements of the RCMS® technical specification.  Conformance is determined through an independent third-party audit conducted according to established ACC procedures.

The basic concepts guiding the revision process include a focus on “risk-based” approval to Responsible Care®/EHSS management and continual improvement of the technical specification to drive excellence.     The revised standard also aims to give companies some flexibility in how the manage Responsible Care® and their EHSS systems.

The RCMS® standard was recently revised and released in February 2019 to replace the former Technical Specification (RCMS:2013).

DQS Inc.  has received approval as of June 15, 2019 from the approval body, ANAB, to begin conducting audits to this version of the standard.   “Early takers” who want to opt for RCMS®:2019 implementation this year,  may request an audit to this standard at any time.

After January 1, 2020,  DQS will perform all audits under this scheme to RCMS®:2019.

For more information on the RCMS Technical Standard, please visit the American Chemical Council website at

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Sara Gulo

Sara Gulo is the Marketing Specialist for DQS Inc. in the USA. She's been with DQS for 10 years in various roles, including Verification and Customer Service Professional.