DQS Academy debuted its TISAX Executive Overview Public Training Course on January 26, 2023. This course also debuted a new course option: eLearning with a Live Session. If you’re unsure what DQS Academy is, it’s the training arm of DQS Inc., where individuals and companies can develop competencies in management systems standards and certifications, whether the attendee is familiar or not with the standard. So, what if you’re not familiar with TISAX or what “eLearning with a Live Session” even means? Or unsure if the TISAX Executive Overview course is for you? Let’s drive right into it.

Taking the TISAX Executive Overview Public Training course starts with registration on the DQS Academy website and paying for the course. Simple so far, but it’s not much harder moving forward. Once ready, the eLearning portion of the course can be accessed and completed at your leisure through the LMS system where you registered. It is highly recommended, especially if unfamiliar with TISAX, to complete this portion of the course prior to the Live Session. The eLearning gives an overview of definitions and where TISAX comes from, what other standards connect with it (here’s a cheat for you, one is ISO 27001 – also offered by us!), and why it is important to the automotive industry. If you’re an IT professional in the automotive industry, you may know these basics, but if you need executive or higher-level buy-in, this course highlights the importance to where someone unfamiliar with IT or cybersecurity can understand the significance of what TISAX certification can stand for in the industry. If time is a concern, this eLearning can be completed in an hour including the short quiz sections in between. Although it is not required to have the eLearning completed prior to the Live Session, it is highly recommended so the attendee has a solid basis for the Live Session.

On the day of the training, the DQS Academy LMS system will open for the Live Session and attendees will be able to join a call. Being virtual, all participants (instructor and moderator included) will be able to interact with each other via cameras and microphones. During this 2-hour session, the instructor will work through real-life scenarios with you to help discover the various responses to these situations and actively apply your newly gained knowledge. Why is this important? Those non-familiar with IT or cybersecurity can take these real-life aspects to aid in the recognition of how important these are to a company and gain insights on places that can be improved within their own line of business.

And when we say a “Live Session” with other attendees, don’t worry about feeling lost or behind – your active participation is encouraged! Questions can be asked in the chat [hence the moderator] or during the question portion of the session. The instructors have a vast amount of knowledge so if you need more real-world examples, or even something they’ve experienced in the industry, this is the time to ask. This knowledge from our instructors is what really makes the courses offered through DQS Academy unique and a factor that should be considered when choosing a training provider.

Once complete with the “Ask DQS” portion, there is a brief summary of the previously touched on points and contact information provided for future inquiries. From there, each attendee will be able to take the Exam to mark completion of the course which is open for 30 days following the Live Session. Whichever time you choose to complete the Exam, your course will be complete, and you will have a nice certificate to add to your career portfolio and share on social media.

You will also be given access to a survey at the end of the Live Session in which every response is truly appreciated to improve the offerings of DQS Academy. Each response goes into updating current courses or determining future offerings. With this input, we can form our courses to better reflect participants needs.

And if TISAX is not pertinent to you, or you’re interested in other training courses, DQS Academy has you covered.

Not only can you visit the DQS Academy website (dqsacademy.com) and register for any of the upcoming public trainings such as ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor or ISO 45001:2018 Introduction and Implementation, but you can also email dqsusacademy@dqs.de to be added to the waitlist for the upcoming courses:


TISAX Introduction and Implementation Training Public Course

Learn more in-depth information about TISAX from real-world examples and experiences. This course is great for those implementing the standard and that have the basics covered from previous knowledge of the standard or by attending TISAX Executive Overview Training.


ISO 20000-1 Internal Auditor Training Public Course

Learn about maintaining a service management system during this 3-day course with an industry expert.


ISO 27001:2022 Public Course

The new revision of ISO/IEC 27001 is here! Our highly qualified IT auditors will assist you in understanding the changes between the revisions, what these changes will mean for information security management systems, and best practices when implementing this new revision.

If you still have questions, you can read the DQS Academy FAQs or reach out to sales.us@dqs.de for assistance. Our sales team can also help you with any inquires for private training options on existing training courses or working with our content developers to create a customized training option for you. Looking forward to seeing you in our next training session!

Robyn Daiss

She is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a B.A. in American Studies. She uses her diverse experience in development, administration, and more to provide engaging content and information for those pursuing continuous growth in their businesses with certifications and training.