Below you will find various certification logos and symbols sorted according to the respective regulations for use after a successful certification.

Good to know

The ZIP files available for download contain the following formats:

  • EPS: for print media
  • JPG: for use on websites, presentations, etc.

Please note that you need to unzip these files before you can work with the image files.

Make your mark! DQS MED and IQNet certificates as well as the respective protected certificate symbols are the external signs of a successful certification - and of high acceptance worldwide.

You can use the symbols in many ways: for example, on business papers or brochures, on vehicles, at trade fair booths or on the Internet.

Please note:

  • The use of the certificate symbols presupposes the validity of the certificates or other documents issued by DQS Medizinprodukte GmbH as confirmations of conformity
  • If a certificate is not valid for the entire organization, the limiting scope must be indicated when depicting a certificate symbol
  • A certificate symbol must always be used in conjunction with the name of the certified company
  • In the case of a QM-neutral certificate symbol, the regulations on which the certificate is based must be named in the immediate vicinity of the symbol
  • Certificate symbols may not be changed - the choice of color is free
  • The IQNet symbol can only be used in addition to the DQS MED certificate symbol. It must not be used alone
  • The use of the certificate registration number on the symbol is recommended
  • The symbols must not be used for marking products
  • The protected DQS MED, IQNet logos (sign without ring) and accreditation symbols are reserved for the own use of DQS MED and may not be used by third parties
  • DQS Medizinprodukte GmbH's policy on the use of certificate symbols must be strictly adhered to.

If your company has a presence on the Internet, we recommend that you also provide information there about your successful certification by DQS Medizinprodukte GmbH. Use a reference/"link" to the customer database on the Internet presence as proof of the validity of your certificate and for your legal security.


Logos MED EN

For symbols on products or their packaging

The symbols must not be used to identify products.

The use of the symbols must not give the impression of product certification.

The following table provides guidance on the use of certification symbols with regard to indicating that a product has been manufactured under a certified quality management system.

Use of DQS MED and IQNet certificate symbol
Without explanation:
On the product *1 - Not permitted
On larger boxes etc. used for transport purposes of products *2 - Not permitted
In brochures etc. for advertising purposes - Permitted

With explanation*3:
On the product *1 - Not allowed
On larger boxes etc. used for transporting products *2 - Allowed
In brochures etc. for advertising purposes - Allowed

*1) This could be a product itself or a product in a single package, container, etc. In the case of testing/analysis activities, it could be a test/analysis report.

*2) This could be oversized cardboard packaging, etc. that would not reach end users.

*3) This could be a statement such as "This product has been manufactured under a management system certified to ISO 13485 etc. by DQS Medizinprodukte GmbH". Instead of "manufactured," it could also say "packaged" or "supplied" if applicable, e.g., "packaged by a company whose management system is certified by DQS Medizinprodukte GmbH."

DQS-MED Certification Seal




ISO 13485


ISO 15378


ISO 9001


Certified management system