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System certification

International standards such as ISO 9001 (quality management) or ISO 14001 (environmental management), as well as other sets of rules, impose requirements on the design of the relevant management systems in organizations. In the case of system certification, an independent and authorized body - a certification company - verifies if these requirements have been met.

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Conformity assessment procedure for medical devices

Certificates of conformity prove that certain requirements, for example those of a standard, have been met. The guide to auditing management systems, ISO 19011, starts by talking about "objective evidence," which is "data [that] confirm the existence or truth of something."

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CE certification for medical devices

CE certification of medical devices by DQS MED enables you to tap into unexplored potential in developed markets, by providing the required examinations and products that comply with regulations. You also mitigate risks and liability obligations in your chosen markets.

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Certificate validation

You want to check the validity of a DQS certificate?