Management with social responsibility

Do you want to commit to your corporate social responsibility? The international standard ISO 26000 is a technically and methodologically broad-based guidance for the consideration of social requirements for companies and organizations and serves the user as orientation for sustainable development.

Clear commitment to social responsibility

Clear transparency in the most important fields of action

Better understanding of your stakeholders and their demands

Good basis for expansion through certifiable standards

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Why ISO 26000? Information on the guidance

The internationally valid, non-certifiable ISO 26000 serves as orientation and guidance for your company or organization if you want to align your management system with the opportunities for action of social responsibility (CSR/Corporate Social Responsibility) and corresponding sustainability standards.

The guidance summarizes the most important principles, practices, core topics and fields of action of social responsibility, highlighting requirements of very different stakeholders such as customers, investors, governments or associations.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) effectively implemented enables correct labor practices, responsible use of resources and fair conditions in the supply chain. However, ISO 26000 is not a management system standard and is not comparable to other management standards such as ISO 14001.

The guidance was published as ISO 26000:2010 in November 2010 and is available from the ISO website. It is neither intended nor suitable for certification or legal applications. Any claims to be certified to ISO 26000 are contrary to the intent and purpose of this international standard.

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For which companies is the ISO 26000 guidance relevant?

ISO 26000 is not only addressed to purely commercial enterprises, but to organizations of all types and sizes. Responsibility for sustainable development is shared equally by all companies and organizations: Even small and medium-sized enterprises can influence various stakeholder groups, and at least their own employees and customers. Their perception can have a direct impact on the company's success.

Therefore, even small companies should live up to their social responsibility by following the recommendations of ISO 26000. It is important that they anchor their social responsibility strategically. In this way, the guidance can also be useful in the public or non-profit sector. Larger commercial enterprises increasingly require their suppliers to contribute to sustainable development.

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The seven principles and core topics of ISO 26000

The seven principles of corporate and organizational social responsibility according to ISO 26000 are:

  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Ethical behavior
  • Respect for the interests of stakeholders
  • Respect for the rule of law
  • Respect for international standards of conduct
  • Respect for human rights

Some recommendations of the core areas mentioned in the guidance are already part of common, certifiable management system standards, such as ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management), ISO 45001 (occupational health and safety) or ISO 37301 (compliance management). Such a certificate can therefore serve as partial proof of your social commitment.

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Is ISO 26000 certification possible?

We support you by competent system analyses on site, where our auditors make visible significant fields of action according to ISO 26000 in your company processes. This helps you to meet the requirements of future framework conditions well in advance.

Such requirements include, for example, risk management or proactive stakeholder dialog. Legal requirements can also be met well with the guidance, for example with regard to the new German supply chain law. Possible modules for this are:

  • Materiality analyses
  • Stakeholder analyses
  • Customer-specific CSR audits

We can show you to what extent an existing management system, for example in accordance with ISO 9001 or ISO 14001, can be used to anchor the CSR concept, and identify certifiable CSR standards that can be a useful extension to the sustainable development of your company.

A CSR Risk Assessment is the appropriate approach for companies and organizations that want to consciously address company-specific challenges in sustainability management beyond general market demands.

We filter out the aspects and requirements that are relevant for you from the important and internationally widespread regulations and codes on sustainability in a risk-oriented manner. As a guideline for corporate social responsibility, ISO 26000 provides valuable impulses for the assessment.

The worldwide association of certifiers, the IQNet Association, offers the certifiable standard SR 10, based on ISO 26000, for sustainability management. This internationally recognized standard supports organizations of all sizes and in all industries in anchoring the basic principles of corporate social responsibility in their work process, and documenting them externally. For the certification process, you go through the classic certification procedure of DQS, as you may know it from other management system standards.


What does an ISO 26000 system audit cost?

Individual approach

An ISO 26000 system audit requires an individual approach. This also applies to a CSR Risk Assessment to identify organization-specific sustainability issues and associated risks. All options for assessment or certification require good preparation. Would you like to further develop your sustainability management?

We will be happy to put together a reliable offer for you as soon as we know more about your company and your goals.


What you can expect from us

  • Industry-experienced auditors around the globe
  • Value-adding insights into your societal actions
  • Personal, smooth support from our specialists - regionally, nationally and internationally
  • Individual offers with flexible contract terms and no hidden costs

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