DQS Slovakia has won a contract with Škoda, part of the Volkswagen Group, for the certification of their management system based on IRIS (ISO/TS 22163), ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 for the next audit cycle. This is a significant achievement for DQS and underlines its commitment to excellence in the certification industry and its competence and acknowledgement in the automotive industry in this region.

The tender process was challenging, but the DQS Slovakia team, led by Pavol Plevjak and Andrej Madziar, demonstrated their expertise and commitment to win the contract. The IBD department with Dieter Stadler and Nathalie Guilbot-Sumono, as well as the colleagues from CMS with Matthias Pärsch and Ilona Seidler and GCG with Mutsumi Nishi de Melting and our IRIS programme manager Hans-Peter Bonifer, played an important role in securing the contract by providing expertise and assistance during the tender process. This achievement reinforces DQS' reputation as an industry leader and demonstrates its ability to help customers meet management system requirements.

In addition, it's worth noting that 24 sites will be certified, undertaking approx 245 audit days in three years under this contract. DQS Slovakia's success in securing this contract will enable them to establish a successful partnership with Škoda and demonstrate their capabilities in the certification process. They have a lot of work ahead of them, including audit organization, financial and technical issues, but they are confident that they will deliver excellent results.

As a next step, Škoda is considering certifying their energy management system according to ISO 50001, and they have noticed that DQS is likely to be the chosen partner.

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