Since December 2018, DQS CFS is officially authorized to audit suppliers of the fast food chain McDonald's according to the McDonald's Supplier Quality Management System (SQMS). This makes it possible to prove that the quality meets the McDonald's SQMS requirements.

After an extensive review of the quality and performance of our audits, McDonald's has now approved DQS CFS as a globally recognized audit organization. The global DQS network of offices and auditors is a great advantage in this regard, as it enables DQS to conduct SQMS audits worldwide.

Dr. Thjis Willaert, Marketing Director at DQS CFS says, "We are very pleased to be able to conduct McDonald's SQMS audits. This shows again that internationally operating companies perceive DQS as a professional, reputable and high quality service provider and entrust us with such a sensitive aspect of their quality commitment."

McDonald's is the market leader in the fast food industry in Germany and one of the most recognized brands in the world - a position where food safety is a top priority. For this reason, decisions related to the origin of food are made with the utmost care. Currently, McDonald's works with 154 European suppliers to supply a total of 7,300 restaurants employing 250,000 people - in Europe alone. Figures like these show that it is essential for McDonald's to deliver product quality that complies with both McDonald's requirements and existing laws and regulations.

SQMS Audit - How it works

McDonald's uses the Supplier Quality Management System to specify requirements for its suppliers. Suppliers can demonstrate compliance with SQMS requirements by undergoing a full SQMS audit, or by being audited against an SQMS addendum in addition to a GFSI-recognized certification such as IFS, BRC or FSSC 22000.

Through this audit, McDonald's can ensure that food is produced based on a functional quality management system. In addition, the checklist helps establish best practices and minimize regional deviations. Annually, suppliers are required to demonstrate that they meet McDonald's SQMS requirements. McDonald's works hand-in-hand with its suppliers to continuously improve audit practices and customer satisfaction.

Independent SQMS audits

External audits help to improve confidence in quality and provide a neutral, independent insight into suppliers' production facilities. As one of the leading certification companies for management systems, quality and sustainability issues, we are available to McDonald's suppliers worldwide with highly qualified auditors.

Constanze Illner

Constanze Illner