After a contractor is awarded an contract in the QPS5 scheme by HK Government, the contractor is required to assign an independent 3rd party to assess its services‘ compliance with  the Standing Offer Agreement (SOAs) and Service Contracts.

Assessment Objective

As assigned by a contractor, DQS Management Systems Solutions (HK) Ltd (or DQS hereinafter), as an independent 3rd party, is to assess the contractor‘ compliance compliance with the SOA-QPS5 Contract Requirements defined by OGCIO.

Through the  Independent Assessment, DQS:

  • assesses the contractor’s compliance against the requirements of relevant SOAs and  Service Contracts, and
  • identifies the areas with needs for improvements, if any.

Assessment Scope

It can cover awarded contracts within a specified period. The unawarded contracts can be covered upon the contractor's request.


The assessors assigned by DQS for such independent compliance assessment will have CCAA registered QMS Auditor qualification or equivalent qualification.

Assessment Approach

The assessment will be by sampling, on the records of the works carried out by the contractor in fulfilling their obligations under the Standing Offer Agreement (SOA) and Service Contracts. The assessment will cover:

  • Implementation of the Programme Management, and
  • Implementation of Performance Management.

Categories of Services within QPS5

  • Category A
    Pre-implementation, programme/project management services, ongoing services, implementation and combined system development services.
  • Category B
    Information security, privacy assessment and independent testing services.
  • Category C
    Deployment and maintenance of common services.

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