Adequately addressing climate change is an urgent and pervasive challenge that affects not only policymakers, but also businesses of all sizes. The ISO 14091 standard helps companies to adapt to climate change. Below we have summarized all the important information for you.

While rising temperatures are affecting agricultural production conditions, extreme weather events are impacting infrastructure and disrupting supply chains - a development that is causing headaches for many companies.

While measures aimed simply at mitigating climate change are more important than ever before, the already advanced nature of the trend makes it necessary for companies to adapt. In doing so, it is essential to understand and assess what the risks are and how susceptible a company is to damage.

Assessing climate change risks with ISO 14091

ISO 14091 "Adaptation to the impacts of climate change - Principles, requirements and guidance" helps organizations assess the impacts of climate change and develop and implement a risk assessment capable of evaluating current and future climate change risks.

The standard provides guidance on the use of screening assessments and impact chains that enable qualitative and quantitative analysis. This information helps companies make better business decisions. The information, documented in an internationally consistent manner, also helps with climate-related reporting.

ISO 14091 is the latest standard in the ISO 14090 series. It describes the many elements of climate change adaptation, including pre-planning, adaptation planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and reporting and communication. You can download this standard here.

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Constanze Illner

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