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Mystery audits, also known as mystery shopping or mystery customer programs, are a proven method for objectively checking the quality of service and customer experience in your company. Mystery audits are covert assessments in which selected mystery shoppers use your products or services to evaluate the service from the customer's perspective. By using anonymous mystery shoppers, you receive honest feedback from the customer's perspective, identify weak points, can train employees, support marketing campaigns and establish a benchmark against the competition as well as take targeted measures for improvement.

Anonymous assessment of service and quality

Applicable across all industries

Input for targeted measures to improve customer service and quality

Competitive advantage


What is a mystery audit?

A mystery audit is a market research technique in which companies or organizations hire anonymous people, so-called "mystery shoppers" or "mystery customers", to check their products or services.

The main objective of a mystery audit is to evaluate the quality of customer experience and service in a store, restaurant, hotel, call center or other type of business. Mystery audits can also be used to ensure compliance with company policies, legal regulations and industry standards.


Which companies benefit from a mystery audit?

Mystery audits are used in various industries to ensure that the company's standards and expectations are met. They are also used to collect customer feedback and increase customer satisfaction.

Mystery audits are often used in retail, restaurants and catering, hotels and hospitality, call centers, healthcare or other types of businesses. Not sure which type of audit makes sense for your area of application? Talk to us!


Advantages of mystery audits

Mystery audits offer companies a number of advantages. By using anonymous mystery shoppers, you can objectively evaluate your customer service and the quality of your services. This authentic feedback makes it possible to identify weaknesses in processes and customer service and to introduce targeted training measures for employees. The results of mystery audits not only serve to improve quality, but can also contribute to increasing customer satisfaction. In addition, they enable companies to position themselves in the competitive environment and stand out from their competitors. Overall, mystery audits help to optimize the customer experience and improve company performance.


How does a mystery audit work?

The first step is to define clear objectives, criteria and evaluation categories for the mystery shopper to check. On this basis, you will promptly receive a detailed and transparent offer tailored to your individual needs.

In the next step, the company selects suitable mystery shoppers. This selection can be based on the profile of typical customers or on certain qualifications.

Before the mystery shoppers take on their tasks, they are trained. This includes an introduction to the criteria to be checked, instructions on reporting and possibly even role-playing to ensure that they can carry out the tasks correctly.

The selected mystery shoppers carry out their tasks by acting as normal customers. They visit the store, service provider or company, carry out transactions, ask questions or perform other required tasks. During this process, they evaluate various aspects according to predetermined criteria.

After the mystery audit, the mystery shoppers create detailed reports about their experiences. These reports usually contain a description of their interactions, observations and assessments of the relevant criteria.

Following the mystery audits, the mystery shoppers' reports are reviewed. In this way, weaknesses, strengths and possible areas of action for improving customer service or other aspects examined can be identified.

Mystery audits can be carried out as a recurring process to ensure that the improvements made are sustainable and that quality standards are maintained.


What does it cost to carry out mystery audits?

The cost of conducting mystery audits depends on various factors, such as the number of audits, the scope and duration of the assignment, area of operation, etc. For these reasons, it is not possible to provide a general cost estimate. We invite you to request a tailor-made quotation, so that you know exactly what to expect.


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